Kalow 2

Mar. 31st, 2010 10:48 pm
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Ehbehr was moving quietly, looking all around himself, trying to see everywhere, never once thinking to look up. Not a young man anymore and far from an imposing figure he tried to move carefully nonetheless. He had no experience in this type of thing, far from it. He was an accountant. All his life he had dealt with numbers. Sneaking around in back alleys was not among his skills. Fear though, could make a man do many things. Fear for his life for knowing too much about the wrong things. Technically he was a sergeant in the city guards, technically. Actually he worked as a scribe and oversaw what money went where for a precinct building. He has not even held a weapon since basic training, a long 20 years ago. But now he wished he had paid better attention to the stories in the wardroom. He might then have an idea as to how to stay alive for the next few days.

It was simple actually, he knew too much. He had pieced together a trail of paper and money that lead to a Guard Captain, a City Council Member, a few minor city officials, and Kalow. It was the last one that had him worried. Kalow scared him. Various Guardsmen and others had been looking for something on Kalow so as to arrest him. Arrest him for almost anything. Kalow was on the secret wanted list ( not so secret actually ) for people who were under investigation but with no charges were pending. Somehow he had never been caught at any illegal activities and no evidence had ever come to light. He knew why now. A pattern of bribes, money transfers, and favors was clear to him and he had the evidence. If Kalow found out then he knew his life was as good as over. But who should he tell? The only person he thought he could trust for certain was the Paladin whom was Guard Captain at the Governor’s palace. He did not know him personally but knew his reputation and, well, he was a Paladin after all.

Deciding to go find the Paladin and getting there were two different things however. He did not live in a nice area of town and therefore the precinct he worked in was not in one either. If he could quickly get to a nicer area then he might be able too hook up with a few city guards or at least travel well-lit and occupied streets. So off he went, slipping as quietly as he could through late night alleys, trying to not be seen.

Kalow lurked above him, moving from rooftop to rooftop, seeing that he never looked up. Waiting to see where he was going. Slowly his prey worked towards more lit and well off areas. If he were to do anything, it would have to be soon. Spiro was paralleling him a block away if needed, and needed he was, it was time. Spiro already knew what he might have to do and what he would need to say if the opportunity came up and Spike, whom was traveling with him, would give the sign he was needed. The sign came and Spiro ran to cut Ehbehr off at the next corner, a single block from a major avenue.

"Hey friend" a voice called from at the next street corner, " Can you spare a moment? I gotta talk to ya". Ehbehr stopped, peering around himself and saw the dark figure in front of him. He saw nobody else but his fear was too great to think the person was alone. Shoulders slumped in resignation, voice flat and unemotional " What do you want?”

"Want? I just want you to listen real quick You got a choice, you can listen real good or it will look like you were mugged, robbed and died in a pool of your own blood, your choice." Seeing no choice, he nodded. Spiro began. " You know way too much about stuff that is none of your biz. If you go and tell someone they will ask questions that we don't wanna have asked. Others will make hard choices. None of them will admit to anything. Your word will be all there is besides what papers you had in your pocket." Had? Quickly he patted his pockets...empty pockets. " If we need to, the stuff in your pockets can be used as evidence of your crimes, whatever crimes we want to stick you with. How about killing kids or raping hookers? Go home, do nothing, live your pathetic life quietly."

Kalow watched the exchange and saw Spiro leave. Spike stayed hidden in shadows waiting. Ehbehr sat there, in the middle of the dank alley, and wept. He could kill him or have him killed but others would ask questions about why he died and why he died here. Effort would need to be made to hide things. No need now, even if he went to higher authorities he would not be believed. Small things had already started to happen, reports that were misfiled, reports that were altered to say he was late or left early, reports of strange smells or sounds coming from his house. None close together but it would slowly ruin his credibility. He would probably keep his job, but his word would not be good anymore. All in a day’s work. He and his associates were safe for now and could find ways that they would not be found out again.

Just to keep in practice, he could use magic to fly after all, he moved again from rooftop to rooftop, climbing and leaping around like a child. It was welcome exercise and invigorating. Home was not far away and he came back down to street level and entered the Kheotom's Nightmare the normal way to the greetings of the patrons and employees alike.

When Kalow awoke in the morning he got the sad news. Ehbehr had been killed last night not far from his home. No one knew why he was out late but robbery was part of it all as his pockets were empty along with a slit throat. This made Kalow a bit angry, He did not kill the wimp, he did not ask anyone to kill him either. Now more effort would need to be made to make a believable reason to be found for him to have been out so that the real reason was not found. Hmmm, well, he would get the others involved to fix this one; it was not what he did best. This made his night’s efforts wasted. Well, so much for waking up in a good mood, on to start his day then, just before the crack of noon. Whose life should he destroy today?



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