Kalow 4

Mar. 31st, 2010 10:52 pm
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"Hey, your little bastard cat stole...." The large merchant stopped his harangue in mid sentence as Kalow looked up at him with his eyes narrowed and no expression on his face.
"Start over" Was all Kalow said.
"Uh, yes, uh, m'Lord. Your, uh, pet, uh..." Kalow glared at him and stood up, his hand resting on the pommel of his sword. The merchant gathered his wits and courage.
"Sir, I saw your friend Spike take a few trinkets from my cart."
Kalow looked up at the merchant "Mr...Kesedra is it not?" The merchant nodded. "Thank you for bringing this to my attention." Spike walked out from under the table that Kalow had been sitting at. Merchant Kesedra, with some effort, kept his attention on Kalow. "You pay me protection money each month, yes?" Kesedra nodded yes "Simply deduct the cost of these items from next month's fee. You will not need to come to me again for this type of issue if it happens again in the future. Remember, that is the cost of the items, not the customer price." The merchant nodded, bowed, and excused himself.
After he was out of sight Kalow swatted his familiar lightly and laughed. "You were right Spike. He has brains as well as balls. Do it again tomorrow but make sure he sees you." Spike chuckled and went hunting rats, or neighborhood dogs, or whatever.
Kalow was finishing lunch when Spike came up and dropped an amber necklace onto his plate. Kalow raised an eyebrow "And?"
"The bastard glared and told me that this cost too much. It cut into next month’s payment too." Spike chuckled a bit. Kalow raised it to the light and appraised it carefully. "Yes, yes he is right". Kalow called for his wife and told her that Spike had chosen a gift for her. Her dubious expression showed what she thought about what Spike might choose. He laid the necklace on her hand and saw her eyes widen. "It suits you?" She nodded and put it on then bowed at Spike.
"Thank you Spike. It looks marvelous."
"Yes dear"
"Make sure you stop by the merchant Kesedra and show him you like it. Buy yourself a matching something else as well. I like it on you." She smiled, nodded, and immediately went out shopping. Spike followed. It just wasn’t safe in this town sometimes. An innocent girl like her could get hurt.



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