Kalow 5

Mar. 31st, 2010 10:53 pm
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Kalow 5

Even though it was a couple hours after dark, Spiro yelling “Boss! Come quick!” woke Kalow from his nap in his bar. Kalow has not been tired as he had just woken up eight or nine hours ago, just bored, and as a result perked right up when Spiro called out.
“Yeah? Whatcha got for me?” he said as he ran over to the open door where Spiro waited, panting and out of breath.
“Old Maddy, she’s dead” Kalow raised an eyebrow, waiting for Spiro, or somebody, to tell him why this is important. “She was ripped to shreds on the roof of the boarding house next door” Now that was interesting and Kalow, without waiting for further explanation, ran-jumped-climbed up to the roof across the street where the body was said to be.
Somebody not used to dead bodies and how much blood was contained in one might have been quite surprised at the vast amount that all seemed to have come from this one little old lady. Kalow was not an educated healer or forensic specialist but he had killed enough people to know that this person was dead before they were brought up to the roof. The soft spot on her skull and the lack of emotion on her remaining face told him that much. Still, something looked to have whacked her hard on the head and brought her up here to, hmm, yes there were parts missing, to eat her. Whatever it was, it had claws and carried her up two stories to a roof. It looked a bit like wolf or wild dog marks but it was too hard to tell.
Leaving the body much as he found it he made his way down to Spiro and his bar again. He walked past Spiro and those neighbors who were out to see what was happening already and sat again at his table. Spiro followed although the other locals stayed outside. “Okay, Spiro, get one of the kids, one who has not gotten in trouble yet, and send them to the City Guard and tell them about the body. Then wait till there is some official report from them and get it for me.” Spiro acknowledged the order and ran off to see it take care of. There would be no report for a couple days at least and then he would see what he would see. If Kalow had to do everything by himself like in the old days he would never get anything done. It was a good thing that Spiro was turning out to be a good lackey. Now, however, it was time to get some exercise. A good run across the rooftops was just what he needed. He made Spike invisible and clambered up the side of the nearest building and off he went. Yes, he could fly by magic as needed but this was far more fun with just a tiny touch of danger. Besides, you never knew when you might have to do without magic someday.
In the dark of night, even though he could see quite well in even full dark, one did not “see” arrows flying past you. One could, however, hear them if they were particularly close as this one had been. Kalow quickly went invisible himself and began to search for the attacker. Now that he was silent he heard sounds of a battle in the street below and a hundred yards away.
Now he flew, quickly and quietly, with Spike just as quiet a few yards above and behind. It seems that some unlucky group was being ambushed while passing an intersection on the street. There were attackers down all four streets and nowhere for the victims to hide. One victim had a bow out and was returning fire at targets on the roofs above him. It must have been one of his arrows that missed its target and came so close to Kalow. By the time Kalow came close enough to see details about the attackers another two victims were down. A small open wagon was not much cover and there were only six victims in the first place. It looked like the horse had been the first to die.
Kalow looked on with professional interest but no care as to who won. The man with the bow obviously was quite skilled and had some magical protections to be standing in the middle of the road calmly firing arrows at his attackers. Kalow noted more then a few attackers with arrow wounds now that he could observe closely. Still, it was inevitable what the outcome would be. A few moments later when the last other defender fell was when Kalow became interested in the outcome. From a nearby doorway three men came at the last defender. He was peering up at the rooftops and did not notice them until they were nearly upon him. Even so he got a shot, at point blank range, into the closest attacker which put him out of the fight right away as it was sticking out his back while only fletching showed in his chest. Kalow’s cared less about that than on who was the last of the three to enter the fight. It was the “Guild Second”. He who was technically Kalow’s superior in the thieves Guild and who was also an enemy.
The bow literally disappeared and into the defenders hands came a flaming sword that gave pause to the attackers. There was no way the attacking archers could fire now as they would risk hitting those now in melee so it was two on one. The one with the flaming sword was already noticeably damaged but still appeared strong. The Guild Second and his flunkey were fresh but had planned to attack a wounded man with a bow instead of an angry one with a sword. Kalow watched with interest and even approached the nearest ambusher with a bow as he recognized him as having worked with the guild before.
“Hey Ralph, how goes” Ralph swung around and nearly dumped a load in his pants before recognizing Kalow’s voice. Kalow then told him to make the sign and have the other archers pull out. They were done for the night and Kalow would take care of it. Ralph, knowing he was caught in a tough spot as this was not Kalow’s mission, none the less did as he had been told and the rest of the archers were gone within 30 seconds or so. By then the Guild Second was facing flame boy alone and Kalow saw that his flunkey’s head had neatly parted from his shoulders. Now Guild Second was fighting for his life. Fortunately for him, he was pretty good at it and would likely win unless flame boy got lucky.
Neither opponent made much reaction when two small magic missiles hit the former archer but you could see the victim’s resolve flow out of him and now all he wanted was to take down the guy in front of him. Kalow leveled his wand again and fired another charge into him just as the guild second took a serious blow that nearly took off his left arm and would have taken his head had he not dodged aside at the last second. Flame boy raised his sword for a last weary strike just as Guild Second danced aside and thrust into his chest and Kalow fired again. This last defender fell and Kalow watched as his superior took a healing potion and gazed in shock around him. The mess was for him to clean up and Kalow had done, just barely, his guild duty. Kalow knew that his name would be mentioned and there would come a time, soon, when words needed to be spoken.



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